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Strathaven's Russian Princess


In 1908 a 9 holes golf course was established on ground leased from Overton Farm on the north boundary of the town. Nowadays, Strathaven Golf Club has an 18 holes golf course and a fully equipped and ulta-modern clubhouse.

Strathaven Golf Club

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The picture postcard above left is postmarked Strathaven, August 10, 1909. Addressed to  Miss Maggie McLean, Bogton Quarry Cottage, Jackton, East Kilbride it reads: "Dear Maggie, I am having a fine holiday, lovely weather. Hoping to see you soon."

Hamilton Advertiser: 5th September, 1914 - Strathaven


Gentlemanís Competition for Bronze Medal - Today Ladiesí Competition on Wednesday 9th. Whole of Entry Money for War Relief Fund. W.H. Secy. 

The Birdie Golfer's Didn't Want

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"A group of four golfers were crowing about a birdie after the latest round at their club. For a feathered friend decided that they needed a little help while they were playing at Strathaven, Lanarkshire. And when one shot dropped in the rough, out popped a big black crow to nudge it back on to the fairway. Then, to show he was playing fair, he picked up another ball, flew up the fairway and dropped it on the edge of the grass. But one of the players, local hotelier Adam Law said: "Unfortunately we were all laughing so much that we missed our putts." Adam was playing at the 14th hole with Charlie Kay, Jack Lorimer and Andrew Wilson. Adam said "I've never seen anything like it. The bird nudged the ball with its beak for over 10 yards on to the edge of the fairway. But then it picked up my opponent's ball and few towards the green. As it crossed a bunker I yelled and clapped, hoping it would drop the ball in the sand. But when it finally dropped, it landed only 18 feet from the green. Since we weren't playing in a competition we decided to accept the crow's help as the rub of the green." A spokesman for The Royal & Ancient Club St Andrews said: If a ball at rest is moved by an outside agency like a crow it should be replaced as near as possible to where it had originally lain." Alex Scotland, Sunday Mail, October 30, 1988. 

Strathaven Public Park

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John Brown, M.A in his "Modern Strathaven with Peeps at its Past" attests that Mr.John Fleming, keeper of parks although badly wounded in The First World War "has been most diligent and painstaking in the exercise of his duties. As a grower of plants Mr. Fleming has proved himself a horticultural artist. If one requests "say it with flowers, he has the answer ready. Every summer visitors are entranced with the gorgeous display on the terraced rockery in front of the Hastie Museum. It is fitting that residents also should convey to Mr. Fleming their meed of praise."


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 Public Bowling Green

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                Public Tennis Courts

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